Funnel Vision
Cheeseburger Relief
Reality Impaired
Street: 02.27
Funnel Vision = Rudy Adrian + Helmut Lachenmann + Robert Johnson
Here’s a fun little sack o’ goodies for ya: two CD-Rs, a cassette, a sticker and a mini-zine that chronicle the weird exodus of band members Stan and Karrie Boman as they fled cross-country following the massive tornado that wiped out their home in Joplin, Miss. in May of 2011. In the zine, they refer to their music as “the blues,” but, really, it’s the very sort of improvised, detuned ambience that could only be induced by one of Mother Nature’s foulest mood swings. In spite of its serious and often dark nature, this release is the second-most fun thing to come in a Ziploc baggie this size. Contact [email protected] to get yourself some.