Ghosts of Cinema
Regarding Time, Color and Objection to Both
Street: 08.09
Ghosts of Cinema = Her Space Holiday + Statistics + The Notwist
How does one reject both time and color? Some sort of laser?  In trying to avoid the pitfall of lyrical content focused solely on relationship drama, the young Ghosts of Cinema reach for some pretty ambitious, yet ridiculously obtuse subject matter on their debut album. Production wise, Time, Color is pretty top-notch and, in fact, wildly impressive without a record label. Endlessly layered and compositionally fierce, Ghosts of Cinema don’t sound like two kids with Reason software and a click-track. As polished as their visual packaging is (Four music videos? Sheesh), Ghosts of Cinema play straight near the bone to late-era Her Space Holiday indietronica minus the Galaxie 500 influence. In its stead is a steady digestion of 4AD dream-pop and mid-00s pop-punk that pull melodic pop hooks under an ethereal gauze of looped electronics and buried power chords. So, it’s probably some kind of laser, right guys?