Street: 12.20.11
Gravetown = Kreator (old) + Autopsy + Death Strike
Logan’s Gravetown could be considered “the new(er) guys” in Utah’s metal breeding grounds. For a demo, the production of the five tracks here is better than a good chunk of material I’ve come across that actually had album producers and mixers. Gravetown dish up some devious death n’ thrash with the intent to respect the elder metal gods as well as bust the heads of “noobs.” The dual guitar playing—rhythm and lead—works excellently, creating catchy riff tempos to percolate and keep listeners’ interest. Both guitars have hints of nice, burnt-toast crusty tones. “Cosmic Enslaver” stirs up great memories of discovering greats like Death, early Kreator, Venom—hell, the list goes on. Gravetown deliver out the old influences with new school twists—the tunes sound like bands Southern Lord has been signing lately or artists Hells Headbangers have been supporting since they started. Add another notch on the belt of the local metal scene—there’s no excuse not to go and check out a Gravetown show.