Our Only Debts are Warrants
Street: 07.17.11
Handicapitalist = Rudimentary Peni + Witch Hunt + The Partisans
Handicapitalist thwacks out an irreverent, blatant style of old-school crust. “Smart Girls” epitomizes the band’s straightforward temperament as vocalist Jake Gatenby scratchily wails, “I only fuck smart girls!” Handicapitalist forgoes any attempt to be poetic, but, in return, they send an unfriendly reminder of the first-world enslavement that we face and awaken our subliminal angst toward our imprisoned consciousness—at the beginning of “Bossman,” drummer Box Sullivan shrieks “I’m not a slave for minimum wage!” which evinces the band’s awareness of the starkness of the Western socio-political status quo. “No Harmony” is punchy from the beginning with mid-tempo D-beats that revert to blaring rolls on the snare and bouncy rhythms on the toms, which build back into the driving intensity of the song. Handicapitalist does slow it down, such as in “Rope,” where Sullivan complements Gatenby’s drawn-out screaming with high-pitched screeches of her own. All shrill, no frills.