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IX Zealot
Articles of Ophidian Faith
Street: 04.06
IX Zealot = Esoteric + The Gates Of Slumber + Thou
Prepare yourself for IX Zealot’s Articles of Ophidian Faith. It provides three tracks of damn good, scary-as-immortal-sin audio distortion that will help you open a door to your very own black hole. Combining elements of doom, death and black metal, each track is over nine (seemingly endless) minutes of sonic darkness that brim forth from the massive abysmal depths of metaldom. All you really need to know as a potential listener is that this release gives the color and feeling of black a whole new meaning. Everything here is downright frightening sounding—be it in the extremely low bottom-end percussion beatings, the bellowing fuzziness of the bass guitar, the bleak screeches of guitar leads, or the haunting and howling high and low vocal disenchantments. All of these elements will easily chill your bones and have you closing your curtains and embracing every darkened morsel of music that IX Zealot dish out.