Local Reviews: Jacket Weather/ The Highwire Act/ I Hear Sirens

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Jacket Weather/ The Highwire Act/ I Hear Sirens Self-Titled Three-Way Split Self-released Street: 05.31.08 Jacket Weather + The Highwire Act + I Hear Sirens = top acts from Utah Valley Three different bands (no side projects of one musician) separately recorded three songs and then combined their efforts to put out a well-polished and goodlooking album. Jacket Weather is a culmination of four talented guys who listen to a lot of The Promise Ring or Stella Brass. They are the new awesome, local, post-hardcore group. The Highwire Act is a simple guitar/drum duo who play not-so simple guitar riffs glazed over with bass, similar to No Age without the glare. I Hear Sirens is like DoMakeSayThink if they had crafted gorgeous melodies while still in high school. This split is worth owning, if you can find it. Try Jacket Weather’s MySpace profile.