John-Ross Boyce and His Troubles
Black Shuck/Old Crow
Hotel Palindrome
Street: 11.18.11
John-Ross Boyce and His Troubles = Kings of Leon + Tom Waits
Deliciously raw and gritty, Black Shuck/Old Crow is a really great album—a sort of stoner-gypsy-folk-rock mash-up. Wailing guitar riffs and rich, flowing vocals define the 14-song collection and, while the moods and tempos do vary, the album maintains a pretty consistent blues-based vibe that plucks at your heart-strings—kinda even tugs on your skin a little. None of the songs seem to be about anything too terribly serious, though, and they do have high energy and great dynamics, which is especially perfect for entertaining bar audiences. Check out John-Ross Boyce and His Troubles around town with other great gypsy-folk-rock acts like Juana Ghani and Hectic Hobo and you will no doubt have a fantastic time. Then, to re-create the experience at home, just pick up the album and a bottle of vodka and, doggone it, you will be gettin’ down in a jiffy.