Jon Bentley
Street: 01.17
Jon Bentley = Pete Yorn + Emme Packer + The Carpenters
On the surface, Coyote seems to have been thrown together in a home studio with little thought or organization behind it, but in reality that impression serves as perfect camouflage for a very eclectic album. Bentley’s light voice and equally lighthearted stage presence have made this singer/songwriter a secret favorite around Ogden. It’s only fitting that he’d put that same kind of treasure into a formal release. With his guitar and single-track vocals holding centerpiece, the impression of the band performing around him as opposed to being a formal unit is slightly discouraging. Luckily, Bentley makes up for it with his nimble plucking and strumming, at times almost showing off his skills while remaining humble at the mic. This combination makes his solo pieces—and the few singing duets with his wife Katy—stand out as the best that Coyote has to offer.