Closed Red EP
Bass Machine Music
Street: 08.20
JRapp = (Pearson Sound + Addison Groove) x Kingdom
Jon Rappaport’s debut EP is a rhythmic, warmly melodic, complexly layered record that really shows off his skills as a producer. It’s evident that he has great instincts for composition from the fact that each track becomes a journey, bringing the listener along. Loose, heavy basslines are draped over intricate, complementary layers of percussion, tied together by deep mid- and high-range synths and an eclectic range of ambient sounds. The center point of the EP, “Sunrise Dope,” does a great job of drawing the listener in with percussion alone, then brings a ton of layers in and out, slowly building up to a solid climax which alternates dropping out to a wubby bassline and dropping into a euphoric synth melody that brings Joy Orbison to mind. If Rappaport keeps going down this road, he’s going to be on the national scene in no time.