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Julio Child
Cocinando con…
Street: 10.14
Julio Child = Aloe Blacc + Ugly Duckling + Little Brother + Kanye West
The most impressive thing about this group is that both Fisch and Ebay Jamil write the music. While most of the album tightly grasps their hiphop origins, several tracks digress into acoustic ballads that almost sound like a completely different group. Julio Child may lose the attention of some hardcore hip hop fans, because of this transition on tracks like “A Long Cold Winter,” but they’re trying to create something original. A couple creative interludes take the listener on a musical trip, while some tracks end with short snippets of bonus beats. Ebay and Fisch’s voices are easily identifiable and they seamlessly blend and bounce verses like Double K and Thes One of People Under the Stairs. It is obvious that these two have put loads of time and effort into their music, which is why I’d compare the group’s sound to 9th Wonder. Fisch’s loop CDs that he creates with local producers Finale and Brisk show just how long he’s been at it. Fisch and Ebay have long been participating in Salt Lake’s music scene, but this is the first time the two have collaborated. B-boys and beat addicts alike will enjoy Julio Child’s hip hop roots twisted with future-soul sounds.