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Silhouettes & Lies”�
Street: 12.03.10
Kiliona = Marvin Gaye + Mint Condition + Jamiroquai”�”�
In an effort to strike out on his own, Kiliona Palauni broke away from his popular and well-established group A Cassandra Utterance and immediately hit the studio in mid-2010 to craft this pop/soul tour de force. Not at all afraid to experiment, Kiliona touches base with early ‘80s synth and early ‘90s hip hop beats while guests drop rhymes. He’s mixed in a string section over almost every track and uses a ukulele over a short ballad at one point. All of this is done with little to no computer trickery that we’ve become so accustomed to in modern pop. Kiliona’s voice emerges as the true hook of the album—soft enough to catch the ear, but powerful enough to command each lyric. Even in the saddest songs, his love for the music shines through the beat. This is what pop music should be.