Kristen Nelson
Out of My Hands
Street: 05.04
Kristen Nelson = Christina Perry + Taylor Swift + Norah Jones
Beautiful, soulful melodies with drawn- out, twangy vocals comprise the majority of this seven-song EP/album, and a dash of pop helps keep it current and catchy. Kristen Nelson, originally hailing from Washington, brought the melancholy vibe often associated with her homestate to Utah. With a collection of some of our finest musicians and the help of several studios in town, including Jackman Studios and Metcom, Nelson has produced a serene debut album that she should be proud of. It would fit right in on the radio between Zooey Deschanel and Jewel without a hiccup. I’m sure young, indie-loving kiddos will happily load it into their playlists once they stumble upon her tunes when she’s playing a live show around town. I’ll be looking forward to what she’s up to next.