Late Night Alumni
The Beat Becomes A Sound   
Ultra Records
Street: 02.12
Late Night Alumni = Sneaker Pimps + Hooverphonic
In the fast-paced world of electronica, it isn’t surprising that this is LNA’s fourth album since their 2005 debut, but rather, it is pleasantly shocking to hear how sleek it sounds, especially for an SLC-based outfit. Arguably, this is because well-known DJ and local-adopted son Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade) is the mastermind behind the sound, but vocalist Becky Jean Williams—whose little-girl cooing is perfect for this genre—more than holds her own. “Ring A Bell” has an immediate infectiousness that is further highlighted on lead single “Shine,” which builds from menacing keys right into those hypnotic vocals. What makes LNA’s sound more unique than many in the genre is their willingness to include guitars and other instrumentation alongside the synths. This goes a long way in making these tunes more memorable, like on the more chilled-out tracks “Summer Lies” and “Sun Space.”