Les Sages
Blood Harmony
Deep Elm Records
Street: 02.26
Les Sages = Death Cab For Cutie + The Format x
Local Natives  
The idea of Les Sages’ third album sounds better than the outcome. It’s a baroque form of rock with a slight mariachi influence. The music itself sounds great, but there’s a sense of freedom lacking in the songs. The storytelling lyrics are intense, but the percussion-driven arrangements seem to inhibit the energy created by Joe Larson’s vocals. From “Chauffeur de Corbillard”: “Driver of the hearse, do you know the worth of the body in the box?” The song features subtle acoustic riffs, but the bells and hand-beaten drums carry the song. The incorporation of some electric guitar or guitar solos alone would bring the songs to life. It’s a very creative way to make music, but perhaps they could have a bit more fun. However, they brilliantly use the piano and harmonies to build emotion on “Cicatrice du Soldat,” my favorite on the album.