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Location Location
Street: 07.06
Location Location = Foo Fighters + Switchfoot + Lifehouse
This is some contrived, pop-ass, middle-aged rock.  Yet despite its lame genre and lame intentions, it is actually pretty good for what it is.  The songwriting is well-crafted and incorporates interesting background percussion and effects.  As good as the music may be, the lyrics and subject matter are still embarrassing as hell.  I bet if VH1 heard this, they would practically be sipping it.  Next time you are hard up for some action, ask your best friend’s older sister that has been divorced a couple times out on a date and bring her to one of Location Location’s shows, and if she doesn’t bang the band, you are almost guaranteed a nightcap.  If she still resists, just play track five, “Reno Part II” and sing her the chorus: “I get broken, I break down.” She will almost certainly relate and melt in your arms.