Markham Sound
Days of Innocence
Street: 10.31.09
Markham Sound = Dave Matthews + Tenacious D
At first, I didn’t know if this was a serious attempt to create an album, but I quickly realized it’s some kind of blend between comedy and music. The album opens with the tune “Mom & Dad,” with a chorus that rambles off a list of bands, “Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Seals and Croft, Three Dog Night, Chuck Berry, Sly and the Family Stone.” The next tune, aptly titled, “The Led Zeppelin Song,” is comprised almost entirely of the band’s song titles. Near the end of the album is the Pete Seeger-esqe folk song, “Don’t Blow Up Yourself,” which begins with the line, “This one goes out to the terrorists,” and the lyrics go on to say, “I heard that you’ve been thinking about blowing yourself up, but I got some advice before you do. Please could you do it way over there so nobody blows up with you.”