Muscle Hawk
Gold Ghost Records
Street: 12.31.10
Muscle Hawk = Justice + Daft Punk + Dirty Vegas
I like to dance, and Muscle Hawk clearly like to make my booty shake.  Their music is relatively straightforward techno in the vein of European greats like Justice or Daft Punk:  The bass is heavy, the beat throbbing and the samples dramatic and super-polished.  With only four songs, this EP still feels jam-packed.  “The RIP” is straightforward trance while “Downstairs Mixup” uses an ostinato beat and a faux-guitar wah to change it up a little.  “We Are Vitamin” has got to be my favorite though, with its synth melody and fuzzy breaks.  This stuff is so good and so well produced that it’s indistinguishable from bigger name acts that frequent larger scenes.  Sure, Salt Lake is small, but I’ve seen this local duo perform a few times and they kill it every time.  They bring their own enormous lightshow and backdrop and make packed clubs get all kinds of sweaty on the dance floor.  This type of music is better experienced that way than alone at home with headphones, but that doesn’t stop Superfuture from kicking a lot of ass.