Street: 04.06.11
Nevertanezra = My Dying Bride + Paradise Lost + October Tide
Local doom metal band Nevertanezra is proof that the scene is far from dead. They’ve dropped their new album, NTNR, on the valley, and like a delicious bag of Satan-flavored potato chips, you can’t stop at just one spin of this record. The atmosphere is slow, dark and brooding with a command of song structure that is both hypnotic and unique—every instrument contributes to building a picture bigger than itself, not through crazy solos and blast beats, but cohesive musical weaving. The lack of usual doom metal gimmicks is refreshing, and the result is a fearless trek through familiar yet strange territory, like seeing your memories in a dreamscape. Vocalist Rick McCoy has a thick death growl that, while unchanging, doesn’t get tired as the narrator of this black story. In particular, the bass work of Kyle Smith is impressive. The excellent production value on the album is also worth mentioning—every song feels full and realized. Fans of the less thrashy metal genres should check this shit out.