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Nolens Volens & NJ Foster
The Banana Split
Billygoat Database
Street: 03.20
Nolens Volens and NJ Foster = Kid 606 + Paul Lansky
Nick “is that a Max/MSP patch?” and Andrew “I record everything in the red” Glassett is the creative duo behind this release, a tour du musique electronique, Pierre Schaeffer to Klaxons. From the fructose overload of “Chocolate Tripper” and “Strawberry Creamwoods” to the sugar-crashing “Fudge Raper” and “Vanilla Glab”, the duo (ahem) serves up the history of electronic music, sweatily humping pulses, restless ideas, slightly melancholy IDM melodies, snatches of winds, screwed-up time signatures with dropped beats and scandalous voices together with effortless complexity and pastes and endless smears to ensure seizures for those who forgot to take their meds. But despite the � conscious or not � myriad influences, the album is a unique reflection, impossible to label, full of future and void of nostalgic reflection. In other words, this misanthropic self-indulgence will assuredly leave most scratching their heads; meanwhile, the rest of us celebrate the genius(es).