El Socialismo
Automation Records
Street: 11.29.11
Nonnon =  Dr. Dre + The Glitch Mob + GLK
Salt Lake-based producer Nonnon’s new album, El Socialismo, is a hidden gem that needs to be heard by the world of glitch. With its complicated drum patterns and intricate use of samples, the whole album is glitch holiness! Within seconds of the first track, “K9D,” I was completely at the attention of El Socialismo. “K9D” is full of intense synths, eclectic drum loops and imaginative sampling. It made me feel as if there was a robot war within my ears—it was pretty fucking crazy. My favorite track off of El Socialismo is “Untitled.”  The track’s hard snare, delicate cymbals and eerie samples make it my new gangsta glitch anthem. If you’re into electronic music, I would definitely advise taking a listen to El Socialismo and keeping a eye on Nonnon.