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Audio-Visual Carnival Fragments
Street: 04.17
NSPS = Flaming Lips + They Might Be Giants
This six song, six music video, limited Record Store Day release is a thing of its own. With ups and downs and spring-de-loop noises topped with vocals that linger between talking and trying to sing, it’s an accomplishment to simply get through the album. I realize the story-book-style lyrics are intended to make you laugh, but at the point of “got the STD but I never had the sex,” I feel like I’m in high school again cringing through yet another ‘wink-wink nudge-nudge’ joke. The music videos with small bits of cleverly used stop-action and eye-spazzing filmstrips helped the album in no way. It’s an album few people will appreciate, but kudos to them for laughing when no one else will.