Pretty Worms
Acid/Untitled 7”
8ctopus Records
Street: 10.18.11
Pretty Worms = Black Dice + No Age
Side “Acid” takes punk beats and droning bass grooves and combines them with electronic noise and glitched-out mechanical melodies. Pretty Worms play a style of noise rock that is pretty unusual at first listen, but if you give it some time, the incoherent vocal loops and seemingly random atonal synthesizers might begin to make sense. The untitled side of the LP is a more ambient track, with less noise terror coming through the speakers to make room for a gently humming bass refrain and tremolo guitars. These gradually give way to some of the most intense moments on Acid/Untitled, ending with the needle in a locked groove that simply plays a low bass frequency over and over. Five more of these locked grooves can be found just prior to the central starting point of side Acid, each playing loops of unusual, cacophonous sounds.