Pretty Worms/Plastic Furs
Split 7”
8ctopus Records
Street: 10.18.11
Split 7" = The Kills + Pissed Jeans + The Black Angels
With “Comet Tail,” you can hear Trisha McBride’s vocals a little more clearly in the mix of bright bass and thick sonic distortion, and her ranting drone is an excellent fit for Pretty Worms. It’s a little slower and much less noisy than their other material, but as a stand-alone track, it rocks with the best of them. While the familiar, yet still unsettling vocal loops play on, the drums keep a snappy, danceable beat.  On the other side, Plastic Furs breaks out fast from the very beginning, their acrobatic psychedelic rock dripping with enthusiasm and energy. Reverberating guitars snarl and scream against a thick layer of unshakeable bass that will get your body moving. This is a great track, and though it differs pretty substantially from Pretty Worms, these two songs complement each other with their disparate tempos and melodies.