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Punk Rock Joe Poetry on Acid 23 Self-Released Street: 2011 Poetry on Acid 23 is a stream-of-consciousness collection of short ditties, expressive but simple, about everything from Wal-Mart to suicide. Deep thoughts prevail, such as “fuck a duck, the duck is fucked, fucking duck, mother fuck,” found on Track 16. Profound concepts are also prevalent, such as “if not for hangovers there would be many, many more alcoholics,” on Track 17, or Track 21, where the voice proclaims “Hell is a Wal-Mart—and it’s packed!” It’s easy to understand this kind of poetry, because well, fuck a duck! Admittedly, I prefer my own voice in my head when I’m, um, reading ... I’m just not a book-on-tape kinda girl. For what it’s worth, the awkward reading to the odd and usually not-quite-appropriate background music has its charm—pop it in and get ready for some cringe-tastic easy listening!