Quiet The Titan
We’re Doing Alright
Street: 07.04
Quiet The Titan = Kid Theodore + Minus the Bear
This is definitely a high school band, but if you take the pubescent-sounding vocals with a grain of salt, you’ve got the skeletons of a fairly impressive debut garage rock album. Using acoustic guitar intros, Weezer-ish bass progressions and youthful lyrics to their advantage, these teens manage some great jams that seem to be echoing the successful indie Provo/Velour scene. “Empty Hallways and Barren Floors” gives me faith that the lead singer may grow into his voice soon, and “Another Drive Home” is a thoroughly enjoyable song. The slower, more tender tracks lose my interest, but the more danceable jam tracks are totally worthwhile. Give these dudes some time to mature because they’ve got potential.