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Red Pete
Broken Love Machine
Street: 07.30
Red Pete = Foo Fighters + Interpol
Red Pete hits the nail on the head in the first song “Best Defense” when singer/bassist Keith Callister sings, “You tripped a landmine in my head.” I couldn’t have said or sung it better myself there, Keith—a landmine has definitely been tripped in my head by your sweet, jiving jams. The action doesn’t stop there as the band alternates from oldies-inspired rock to art-fueled dance punk throughout this seven song EP but never forgets to include a big, soaring inspirational chorus that makes me jump up and down. Listening to Red Pete makes me feel like I’m in junior high and I’m down in some basement listening to the neighborhood band practice while Keith belts out his creative writing lyrics. But the most astonishing aspect is guitarist Mark Middlemas’ (a.k.a The Wizard) guitar lines and effects—truly mind blowing. Broken Love Machine is like a landmine in my head for sure.