Richard Tyler Epperson

Falling Between the Stars


Street: 01.08

Richard Tyler Epperson = Nick Drake + Jason Mraz + Thurston Moore

My first few listens to Epperson’s debut album were spent wrapping my head around the surprisingly textured arrangement of his songs. Considering he plays all of the instruments (minus percussion) himself, it’s a pretty impressive debut. In addition to a large repertoire of musical ability, Epperson doesn’t seem tied to just one genre. While songs like ÏAt Your DoorÓ and ÏWe’re AlrightÓ have a future in the sun-drenched pop-folk realm of Jack Johnson, songs like ÏAwakeÓ and ÏSave My LifeÓ would be more at home in the fuzzy electronic world of bands like The Faunts. That being said, it’s hard to nail down Epperson’s individual style. The arrangements and genre-hopping are a testament to his musical ability, but I would like to see his next album focused around carving out a piece of turf for himself.