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Riots of Eighty

The Ivory Road


Street: 04.07

Riots of Eighty = Underoath + The Used + Blinded Black

Christian Hardcore is probably the lamest genre of music that has ever been invented. I mean come on, screaming about faith and god and being all angry about it? Seriously? Well now we have a new sub genre of Christian hardcore: Mormon hardcore. Riots of Eighty are the most hardcore Mormons of all time and that is saying a lot. Now I will give Riots of Eighty some credit: their chops are tight and their song structures are solid. But there is absolutely not one original thing going on here. It’s the same sing song, scream, double bass, heavy thrash, whiney formula that goes along with the majority of all screamo / Christian hardcore bands. It’s too bad these kids have serious skill but they’re sheep.