Rotten Musicans
Street: 06.22
Rotten Musicians = Mark Dago + The Fisch + DJ Shanty
This joint cracks me up and sets me silly in the streets with smiles and roller skates. This EPee is far from rotten, and the jams are air-tight. This is the polar opposite of the street hustler rap I’ve been tuned into, and this joint is just what the times have ordered. If in the future you see people walking around the streets and they have blazed out sippy cups and bendy radical silly straws, this EPee is why. Mark Dago, The Fisch and DJ Shanty bring out the bangers.  The opener track  “Sippy Cup” is the future and “I Pee Rainbows” is the new anthem. The cake is taken, however, by the banger closer track: “Wasatch Roller Derby Theme Song” will get you pumped up and ready to throw some bows at fools. This album is proven to lighten your mood, and that is plain awesome.