Local Reviews: Shift & Shadows

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Shift & Shadows
Self-Titled EP
Street: 4.23
Shift & Shadows=Red Hot Chili Peppers – Anthony Kiedis & Flea
Shift & Shadows are another local band that can’t quite decide who they are musically. Self-described as “indie funk rock” on their Facebook page, their music is at times both funky and rock oriented, while vocally and lyrically they are severely malnourished.  Lead by singer Adam Potts on guitar, Diane Romwell on bass and Jesse Michael Garcia on percussion, the music is pleasant enough but lacks any real oomph.  When the funk comes into play, it really is like they are imitating the Red Hot Chili Peppers but in a watered-down version without key members Kiedis or Flea. The four tracks on their eponymous EP range from light balladry—“The Day After” and the cloying “From A Father”—to the much more rocking “Hand Grenade Pioneer” and “Thank You My Dear”, but the lyrics and especially the vocals are subpar.  The trio is not without musical talent, and they could probably back up a decent singer (like they have fictionally done recently for a SyFy channel pilot shoot) in a satisfactory manner, but Potts needs to leave the singing (and lyric-writing I’m guessing, from lack of details on the sleeve) to more capable hands.