Horseshoes & Handgrenades
Self Released
Street: 09.14.12
Sinthesis = Sage Francis + The Black Keys
You’d think that a fusion of hip hop and blues would be a musical trainwreck, but Phaust and Phingaz, who make up Sinthesis, blend the two genres nicely––especially considering they wrote and recorded Horseshoes & Handgrenades in a little over a week. Pulsating, sharp and spacious keys/drums are the skeleton of this album, with gritty vocals that are half rap, half blues rock. The tracks (especially “Lips”) come across pretty raw and no-bullshit, as they were recorded live. “She’s Got It” is the most successful marriage of flow and blues, with thick, upbeat bass paired with slews of rap. Sinthesis are Salt Lake born and raised––“All Day, All Night” gives a local shout-out in the lyrics: “You’d have better luck cookin’ up meth in Ogden.” While parts of this album definitely feel experimental and tentative, overall it’s a well done, brave undertaking