Society Mis-Call
Hardcore: Not for All!
Street: 03.05
Society Mis-Call = Void + Deadline + Teen Idles
Here’s the kind of hardcore I like to see coming out of Utah. Pure Reagan-era throwback that owes more to Dischord’s Flex Your Head compilation and Midwest mutant thrash than Earth Crisis, stretched earlobes or the vegan apocalypse. Possibly recorded in a garage under water during a power outage, it’s the slightly sloppy charm, the pissed-off drill sergeant vocals and the self-deprecating wit (“We Suck”) that keeps me coming back to it. Songs range from the outlandish (“Society Mis-call”) to the accusatory (“Fuck the Lies”) to the spooky (“Halloween”). This is excellent hardcore punk done right with no filler and plenty o’ laughs. Let’s hope these guys stick around for a while—they’d sound great thrashing in somebody’s basement.