Songs of Summer: Volume 1
Street: 05.29
Sodacon = The Cars + VAST + George Harrison (India music phase)
Founder Jesse Crawford took Sodacon solo in 2008 after nearly a decade of existence, tossing the music catalog and spending over two years writing and producing new material by himself. [ed.- Sodacon has always been a solo project and has recorded six albums in the last six years] The result is Songs Of Summer, which isn’t as much a full musical experience as it is Crawford showing off. There’s no consistent theme or genre, frequently moving from steady rock to trippy metal to ‘80s synth to something with a tambura. Aside from the vocal tracking, which at times sounds like Crawford is singing karaoke over his own music, the compositions are excellent and well constructed. But that’s where the interest ends. There’s no emotional drive or personal touch to this music for people to relate to, and because of that, it feels like a quickly thrown-together compilation album rather than an experience. Songs of Summer is more a road trip soundtrack than a summertime groove.