The Beginning At Last
No Music No Life
Andrew Boss
The Beginning At Last = Limp Bizkit / Nickleback + Vanilla Ice
The Beginning At Last are a quartet who combine the basic musical styles of metal and hip hop. The resulting sound on No Music No Life is pretty much what one would expect: scratching vinyl over trilling distortion and synth lead over bellowing shouts. It’s the musical equivalent of an ice cream sundae covered in Tabasco sauce. The two are good separately, but put them together and you get Limp Bizkit. The guitar work is the album’s best quality, though it’s nothing to rave about. “Faithful” is a mellow song that leads in with a tremolo organ and has a fairly catchy melody in the chorus. “I M Pop A Ler” is the album’s best attempt at hip hop. The track has a decent groove, but the chorus doesn’t work well and the rapping is sub-par throughout the entire album. No Music No Life is recorded well and The Beginning At Last seem to know the basics of metal and rap, but fail to deliver a good product when mashing the two together.