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The Love Astronauts
Phenomenality in the Jungle Basement
Street: 04.20
The Love Astronauts = Amy Winehouse + Streetlight Manifesto + Skaficionados
Oh, this album is a-hoppin’. Who knew ska could reach outer space! Well The Love Astronauts did of course, with ska-groovin’ keyboard and up-strokes followed by sax to trombone. Aside from the sounds of vomiting in “Rum and Coke,” this album is exactly what you’d expect. The cheesy lyrics sound forcefully regurgitated and the only break is the upbeat “heys,” makes me want to swear off any music with dancy horned instruments for a moment. Yes, I understand the band is new, but with very little to distinguish the songs as done by The Love Astronauts all I can say is give them time. Let’s hope that in the next album they will have discovered new chord progressions.