The Mighty Sequoyah
Sunken Houses
Black Pyramid
Street: 05.12
The Mighty Sequoyah = Fleet Foxes + Ferocious Oaks
While folk may not be my personal favorite of the genres, The Mighty Sequoyah have managed to produce a solid and pleasant-sounding album. In Sunken Houses, the sounds have been well produced under drummer Bret Meisenbach’s label, Black Pyramid Recording. While we see a lot of variety and talent as far as instruments and harmonies go, the lyrics seemed a little juvenile and hymnal to me. There’s no doubt that singer Caleb Darger has been influenced by spirituality and perhaps some unrequited love, and the lyrics in “Insider” explicitly address the difficulty of writing: “I’ve been writing all these sad songs, and they’ve been coming out all wrong.” There’s no doubt, however, that these folks would put on a fantastic live show. I would especially love to see “Insider” and “Enchanters” played live, as those seem to hold the most depth on the album.