The New Electric Sound
Street: 06.26
The New Electric Sound = The Beach Boys + The Kooks + Spoon
Whether it was serendipity or just savvy marketing, the debut album from Provo-based surf-rockers The New Electric Sound has arrived just in time for summer. Generally speaking, the words “surf-rockers” and “Provo” don’t jive with one another, but this album just might change that. It’s the type of music that screams to be blasted out of topless convertibles cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway as the sun lazily sets over the horizon. It’s also great for nursing the agony of unrequited love. Opening tracks “What if I Disappear” and “Suitcase” use the façade of polished guitar riffs to explore the heartache that comes from loving someone who is unaware of your existence. Despite frequent visits to lovelorn territory, The New Electric Sound’s debut remains sunny and exuberant without losing its bleach-blonde cool.