The Plastic Furs
Does It Explode
Street: 09.10.11
Plastic Furs = Black Angels + The Warlocks + Black Tambourine
With a sly and energetic style, The Plastic Furs display a musical repertoire that spans the distance between dark, sexy psychedelia and supercharged rock tunes. The band’s punchy drone sensibility meshes well with Brian Mink’s hazy guitar reverberating through their washed-out tone. Does It Explode transfers seamlessly between steady tunes and loud, raucous riff-rock, but always present is Justin Langford’s gritty, dirty bass, grumbling its vicious groove across their sonic landscape. “Kiss Collides” showcases Mink’s shoegaze guitar in all its shimmering glory, but a true breakout track is “You See Nothing,” which picks up the general tempo of the whole album just in time for it to end. “Cutting Chairs” eases back on the throttle with a meditative, dreamy drone track of rich melodies and haunting wall-of-sound guitar solos just loud enough to hear over the sound of the band’s unstoppable groove.