The Rose Phantom
Street: 12.21.12
The Rose Phantom = Depeche Mode + HIM x Alphaville
The latest release by Salt Lake’s own Ted Newsom (Sleep Slid iN, Melodramus, revideolized), Abandon represents a new direction as Newsom turned his back on his other projects to focus two years’ time on the Rose Phantom persona and work. Marrying lush dramatics and intricate electronica, the album’s 10 tracks of careful and succinct industrial-tinged darkwave would not be out of place in a goth club or in an alternative radio station’s rotation. The bitter and beautiful opener, “All I Want,” is a goth-rock slow burner, while “Here It Is” could be a new Duran Duran/Depeche Mode collaboration. Samples and tape loops play a role, but are mysterious and invocative, never annoying or repetitive. My favorite track, “Into the Day,” recalls A-Ha and Clan of Xymox equally—an interesting melding. At times, Newsom stretches his voice a little too far at the low registers, but his vocals are clear and gorgeous, emotional and spacious. Abandon is a beautiful work, and hopefully a promise of more to come. Find The Rose Phantom online at –Madelyn Boudreaux