The Staff


Street: 07.01.12

The Staff = Stevie Ray Vaughn + Jonny Lang

Despite being nowhere near the glorious South, local blues rock band The Staff have still managed to conjure up the spirit of the genre and its homeland on this well-polished EP. Lead guitarist/vocalist Will Roney has the kind of deep, honey-soaked voice that is perfect for the melodious, jazzy trip his band is taking you on. The band members are all seasoned enough to know how to establish the traditional elements of this sound, and then expand on them with their particularly skilled songwriting. The result is a delicious groove that lightens your mood and makes you want to get up out of your chair. The Strong ballad ÏBrenda HattinglyÓ is one of the most genuine and sweet songs I’ve heard in a while, showcasing the kind of emotion this genre is built on. Whenever I reach for this EP, it demands at least a week in my rotation. The Staff are a hidden gem.