The Toros
Reading Is Important
Street: 09.17.10
The Toros = Dead Milkmen + Tutu & The Pirates
It’s rare these days to get a punk band with a genuine political statement, let alone one tied to localized references, but The Toros have given it one hell of a shot. Reading Is Important takes aim at the Utah establishment with songs like the grinding trucker tune “Gay Agenda,” the singalong diddy “Molly Mormon,” and the hypocritical anthem “Cheerleading Is Not For Gay Boys Anymore.” With mashed up and sometimes inaudible lyrics, it’s a little difficult to tell which side they’re representing or insulting at times, going back to the traditional punk rock statement: If you’re going to offend anyone, it might as well be everyone. Musically, Reading Is Important sounds exactly the way The Toros perform live—rough and snarky with no fine tuning, aiming to make you smile and piss you off at the same time. Now if only we could get a lyric sheet …