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The VCR Quintet
I Hate Myself
Street: 09.04
The VCR Quintet = Castle + Waxen Tomb + 1h86635 + AODL + Oval’s 94 Diskont
The freshest and most exciting stuff to come out of Salt Lake is the local noise scene. 2006 saw the amazing album by The Tenets of Balthazar’s Castle (a top five of Andrew Glassett) and 2007 is set with a new release by The VCR Quintet. While not as assaultive as AODL or TOBC, I Hate Myself is more layered and deliberatively repetitive with a decisively industrial edge. Not unlike Nolens Volens as a glitchy stop-and-go dance sound, VCR Quintet’s sound freshly organizes and arranges his base line of beats, chimes, scraped metal, blips and boops and doesn’t loose the listener’s interest in electronic wizardry gone awry ala Press Your Luck in the early 80s. Engaging and interesting, at times soothing and pared down, I Hate Myself is getting the top five treatment.