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Tijuana Bible
Self Released
Street: 03.19
Tijuana Bible = JFA + Minor Threat + D.R.I.
Holy crap, this is really from Provo? And 2010? As boring and pussy-fied as the Salt Lake music scene can seem, Provo has it a lot worse, so hearing some ‘80s style hardcore coming from Happy Valley is pretty awesome. Tijuana Bible’s debut (which is only available on cassette) takes the simple fury of early Dischord bands, throws in the toughness and gang vocals of early New York hardcore and tops it all off with the thrashiness and humor of SoCal skate punk. As much as this kicks ass, it’s also hilarious as Tijuana Bible makes reference to the cult film Troll 2 (“Nightboat to Nilbog”), lampoons the straight edge scene with an anthem that could easily be mistaken as genuine by hardcore kids (“Drug Free [Sex Sucks]) and created the only ten-second song I’ve ever heard about public pee anxiety (“Urinal Cake”). Tijuana Bible only produced a hundred of these bad boys, so pick one up and give your tape deck a workout before they’re all gone.