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Tupelo Moan
Street: 11.12.10
Tupelo Moan = Stevie Ray Vaughan + The White Stripes
The minute this album starts with “Take You Out,” it feels as if it was written in a dive by two guys just jamming out for the hell of it somewhere around the Alabama/Tennessee border. Trying to capture the southern rock feel with a harder edge, Brad McCarley and Jason Roberts pounded out this eight-track trucker-like album in a matter of weeks at McCarley’s own Salt Lake Recording Service. This release finds Tupelo Moan stripped to bare bones with little flash and no invisible backup on tape. Songs like “Fishin’ Hole” and “See You Smilin’” reinforce the “southern comfort” vibe, with McCarley’s vocals squawking out like they are being called over an ol’ CB radio. It’s definitely a road trip soundtrack, especially if you’re headed for the Mississip’.