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Time Capsule
Billygoat Database
Street: 07.30.10
Time Capsule = Squarepusher + Aphex Twin + P-Love
I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in Billygoat Database’s Time Capsule compilation, featuring music from VCR5, Nolens Volens and more. Not quite knowing what to expect, I was greeted with some extremely creative and varied techno jams. Each song seems to take you on a whirlwind adventure through a strange and mysterious land that is half Tron and half Lagoon. The thing about the music on Time Capsule is there are elements that pop in out of the varied glitchtastic mix that keep you interested and the beats are fast and varied, like if Richard D. James was giving Zach Hill a full-body rub down. This is an interesting listen throughout all eight tracks and I would recommend this album to anybody who is looking to get down with some instrumental thought-provoking breakbeat music.