Various Artists
Bass Machine Music 001
Bass Machine Music
Street: 03.05
Bass Machine Music 001 = (Joy Orbison + Disclosure)/Proxy
This compilation is the first release from Bass Machine Music, a Salt Lake-based record label run by local DJ and producer Jon Rappaport. What it lacks in length it makes up for in pure power—the songs are heavy, in-your-face innovations of the bass/house realm. The compilation kicks off with a collaboration between SLC local Nate Holland and French producer Heblank: a bass-driven, R&B powerhouse track that continues to delight me after hundreds of plays. The second track is a fast moving banger from SLC local B8A. It’s reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers and perhaps because of that, manages to bring a fresh sound to electro house. Zenojim has unleashed the wrath of the gods with “Titan Sound,” a beautifully masochistic song with some out-of-this-world synths and simplistic percussion to balance it out. The fourth track is a freebie—it’s a collaboration between JRapp and Cromie, a delicious bass house follow up to their previous release. These guys just get more brilliant with each new track, so keep an eye out for future Bass Machine releases.