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MSSV Label Sampler: One
Street: 04.29
MSSV = Autechre + Aphex Twin + Mouse on Mars
MSSV has been getting a lot of attention lately, and rightly so. The three artists that comprise the label, Nolens Volens, //, and Nonnon, have spent the last couple of years creating sonic freakouts of no-input tonal experiments, snarling, post-industrial noise and post-modern odes to booty-house (see last month’s SLUG cover article). Now all housed under one roof, this sampler gives a pretty concise cross-section of what these three artists are all about. The sampler showcases the cracked beats of Nolens Volens, the glitch-heavy percussion and killer vocal work by Uzi and Ari’s Ben Shephard and Catherine Worsham featured on the unpronounceable (and un-googleable) // tracks, as well as the claustrophobic, post-classical-compositions-meet-8-bit-hip-hop of Nonnon. Artists on MSSV take music seriously, and while we are lucky to have them here, they may soon be SLC’s most accomplished exports.