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Various Artists

SHR Spring 09 Sampler

Spy Hop Records

Street: 3.30
Spy Hop Artists = The Future of The World + Good ol’ fashioned SLC creativity

Spy Hop, the local non-profit enterprise known for mentoring youth in a wide swath of media disciplines, is back at it with a sampler of their latest artists. The quality is shockingly good and diverse. The intro track to the collaboration is Malevolent Emcee’s “Charm Quark” and it sets the stage for the rest of the eclectic and charming disc. This sampler is a future “who’s who” of the local music community, so pay attention artists, fans and labels. Fortunately, there is something for all local supporters of artists in the area, including selections from Christian Butler’s bluesy-rock to hip hop and folk-revivalism. This organization is a great asset to the community and should be supported. Go to spyhoprecords.com for the skinny.