Veggie Stew
The Big Ben EP
Street: 10.25.11
Veggie Stew =  Nickelback + Papa Roach + Limp Bizkit
Nü-metal meets butt rock on this thankfully short EP from Veggie Stew.  Crunchy power chords and standard drums play under juvenile raps about partying and ego.  The clichés abound here, so don’t be surprised when you hear the rhyming of “Bacardi” with “party” or lines like “I’m a terror when I flow” from the lead singer.  The four songs are actually really well produced with each musician coming through clearly and a nice polished balance to the sound.  Out of the four songs, not a single moment of anything new or attention-grabbing could break through the obvious emulation of acts like P.O.D., even on the slower ballads (yep, it has two).  This might be just what some people are looking for, but I’m glad stuff like this isn’t on the radio anymore.