Local Reviews: Wren Kennedy

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Wren Kennedy Majestic Buildings Self-Released Street: 04.17 Wren Kennedy= Bluebird Radio + The Devil Whale + The Tallest Man On Earth Kennedy (often seen slinging joe with Joe at nobrow coffee, or in his band Bluebird Radio) lays down some of the tightest vocal harmonies I’ve heard from a Salt Lake project. The lyrics are also of note and the recording itself, done by Kennedy, turned out great in a lo-fi way. “Captain Captain,” one of the best tracks on the release, is a haunting ode to a failing captain that Kennedy exhorts to let him/her “take the wheel,” in the first verse. It’s a song about taking control of a situation in ballad form that not many local artists can sustain for four-plus minutes—a good sentiment for someone who records his own work, and a mission accomplished for local singer-songwriters that I will try to give more of a chance to in the future.